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Troubleshooting Course a Big Success!

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We're Expanding Our Bilingual Order Desk (again)...

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***Catalogue 2018-19 díELM***
Le nouveau Catalogue électronique Interactif 2018-19 d'ELM est ici!

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Spa Troubleshooting - Hot Tub Repair
Spa repair education, training videos, problem solving and hot tub maintenance

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Spa Packs - CTI

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ELM Sales and Equipment stocks the largest quantity of CTI spa packs in North America. Find all of your CTI accessories and complete spa packs in our catalogue or contact us for further details.

Meet the all in one universal replacement spa pack: Mini Max Digital Universal Replacement Spa Pak


  • 120V/240V Convertible
  • System will simultaneously support a circulation pump + 2 speed pump + 1 speed pump and blower!
  • Ozone Ready
  • 4KW Heater (5.5kW heater is also available by special order at no extra charge!)
  • Light Cord and Socket included
  • Topside panels with advanced silicon encapsulated 'jelly-switch' for improved durability and reliability
  • Topside Panel Diagnostics and Revision Identification
  • Includes 1/4" temperature sensor probe and thermo-well (you can specify a 3/8" temperature sensor probe at no extra charge for use with existing Balboa or Gecko thermo-wells)
  • System Fail Safe Mode* - in the rare event of a software or hardware failure, the circ pump will continue to operate!
    (* available only when spa has a 24Hr circ-pump)
  • Mis-wire fuse protection
  • J&J Mini Receptacles
    (see images in Catalog page 1 and add a few showing different positions.)
    A Universal Spa Pack can save you money and time
  • 120V/240V Convertible - you can convert the entire system OR each individual output at the jobsite!
  • No need to pull out the pump(s) and blower to rewire the cord from J&J to AMP! Most Canadian spas in the field produced over the past 15 years use the J&J mini connectors
  • 4kW heater uses less Amps than a 5.5kW heater - makes it easier to work within the amperage limits of existing spa electrical circuits
  • Replaces ALL Spa Paks with 15" heater manifold
  • Choice of Rectangle or Oval topside control panel
  • And if the existing topside cut-out is too big, we have an adapter plate available for our controls

  • Accurate 'in-spa' temperature sensor Saves energy! (your customer will love you!)
  • Less 'pump cycling' to regulate the spa water temperature
  • We are Spa Control Systems and Equipment experts!
  • We have Experienced Local Technical Factory Support
  • We offer Diagnostic and Troubleshooting assistance

MINI MAX SPA PAKS Available and In Stock!