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Spa Troubleshooting - Hot Tub Repair
Spa repair education, training videos, problem solving and hot tub maintenance

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Troubleshooting Tips
When troubleshooting a spa it is important to "divide and conquer"! It is easier when you can isolate a problem by observing up-stream and down-stream behavior to identify a problem spa component; isolating it from the rest of the spa.

For example, a good way to identify a short circuiting problem related to an electrical component or pump, is to unplug all of the individual components from the spa pack (making sure to note where they were plugged in) and then plug them in individually until the fault occurs.

In this section we will feature links to troubleshooting articles as well as informative troubleshooting videos.

Need help fixing your spa?

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How to replace a spa motor and pump assembly

Here are some great tips on how to replace a hot tub motor and pump assembly. Remember it is always best to have an experienced spa professional handle any of your spa equipment repair needs.

More Troubleshooting Videos:

How to clean a hot tub cartridge filter.

How to tell the difference between a 48 frame and a 56 frame spa pump


ELM Sales and Equipment offers individual and group training on hot tub repairs to our dealers.